Shaver Lake Snowshoe

A Break by the Lake, originally uploaded by Donna Waddell-Solis.

The east side of Shaver Lake is a convenient place to showshoe if you don't mind making your own trail. This Fresno Realtor parked at the Shaver Marina lot and walked a short distance up the gated, but snow plowed, road that leads around the undeveloped side of the lake. We then strapped on snowshoes and made our own trail along the shore of the lake.

If you’ve never snow-shoed before, I’d suggest that your first attempt be along a trail that has been cut for cross-country skiing, such as a sno-park, or along Glacier Point Road at Badger Pass in Yosemite. When you’re more experienced, venture out and make your own trail. It’s hard to get lost if you turn around and follow your footprints back to your starting point.

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