31DaysofFresnoBlogspot.com, originally uploaded by Donna Waddell-Solis

This Fresno real estate agent has loved reading the blog, 31daysoffresno/blogspot.com written by a woman half my age who is “Lovin’ Up Fresno” with a blog about some of her favorite things about living here.

Kim Schuller kicked off 2010 with a resolution to blog about her hometown every day in January. She is crisp, refreshing, and humorous.  She provides good, in depth info.  And while I share many of Kim’s favorite things, it has given me a list of other things to get out and experience in our great city. For example, I now feel compelled to check out the Cosmopolitan and eat their Cheddar Burger, even though I know it will probably spike my cholesterol up by 10 points.

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