Bass Lake Hike / Walk to Angel Falls

Angel Falls at Bass Lake, originally uploaded by Donna Waddell-Solis.

Fresno real estate agent suggests this easy hike/ walk to Angel Falls. From the Falls Beach picnic site at Bass Lake, Angel Falls trail follows along Willow Creek. Pretty in any season.

Follow the trail on the right side of the bridge at Falls Beach at Bass Lake.  In about a 1/4 mile, you'll cross Road 274.  Pick up the trail again on the right side of the bridge.  You'll discover Angel Falls in about 1/2 mile. This is a fairly easy walk  but there are a few steep spots along the way.  If you want to see more, continue on this trail for another 2 miles to Devil's Slide.  See a Bass Lake map here.  Or a more close up map of the Angel Falls Trail here.

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